Promoting Sustainable Consumption & Production

FTF-I contributes to building environmentally sustainable production and consumption practices that help reduce poverty amongst poor farmers and handicraft producers in India.

One of our main objectives is to create a consumer market for fair trade products in India that measurably contributes to the improvement of rural livelihoods and provides farmers and artisans with the resources necessary to follow environmentally sustainable production practices.

The market forces, which have in many cases excluded the needs of poor farmers and handicrafts artisans, can actually be harnessed to create inclusive growth and incentivise environmentally sustainable production by creating consumer demand for sustainably produced, fair trade products.

Proper awareness generation among masses about the concepts and principles of fair trade and its products will lead to a wider penetration among different sections of the customers.

Not only in terms of consumption, FTF-I is also working to make the production chain sustainable and efficient. It is working with the various actors in the supply chain to develop products which are environment friendly, cost and resource effective.

This challenge also relates directly to Millennium Development Goals 1 and 7, which target poverty reduction and environmental sustainability, as well as the World Bank and MDG 8’s recognition that markets and partnership with India’s private sector will play a crucial role in sustainable development.