Fair Trade Promotion & Awareness

Being a grass roots movement, global fair trade requires widespread awareness and support to enable great impact. FTF-I’s one of the main activity is promotion of Fair Trade and spreading its visibility. A lot of awareness and visibility programs have been held by FTF-I in general and under the support of many projects.

While strengthening our continuing efforts to build up Just, Fair and Sustainable Development by way of making producers, products and processes more environment-friendly, we perceive consumers also an integral part of our supply chain.

Hence through our programmes, we are striving to further build up producers’ understanding about environment-friendly/ sustainable products and processes, which ultimately helps consumers to realize sustainable consumption.

The decision to give added orientation to “Taking Fair Trade to the Indian Consumers” was amply followed FTF-I with the support and cooperation of our member organizations. We have the potential to reach out to consumers and work together – as the core area of our activities, organized under the thematic areas of ‘Networking, Advocacy & Alliance Building,’ and on building ‘Domestic Marketing.’