Environmental Sustainability

Fair Trade actively encourages better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production. The FT organisations engage in producing eco-friendly handicrafts and organic crops. In India, FT producer groups are also provided special trainings and update on eco friendly technologies to focus on sustainable production.

Recycled and up-cycled products have a huge market abroad, and it is slowly growing in India also. FTF-I members like-Conserve India, Delhi NCR and ESAF-Go Nature, Kerala, Sasha, Kolkata use technologies which are of high end and transform rubbish and waste materials into beautiful and stylish handcrafted products.

Apart from them, Kala Aparajita and Literacy India make products which are made from handmade recycled paper. All the FT organisations promote and support protection and conservation of the environment.

They also hold various workshops and seminars for students, youth and their own producer groups to emphasise the importance of environment. FTF-I works for environmental sustainability as one of the Fair Trade principles. It organised events like Re-fashion to promote re-cycled products among the masses. 

Also many of its members like Conserve India is widely known for making beautiful products using waste materials, plastic and other re-usable raw materials through re-cycling and up-cycling technology. FTF-I continues to engage in creating awareness among the youth through campus programs on protecting the environment and teaching eco-friendly practices to the students.