By reaching out to young consumers, promoting corporate procurement of Fair Trade products, reaching out to government and through policy interventions.The project is supported by the European Commission and co-funded by HIVOS. IRFT and Shop for Change are the other partners in the project. prosustain logo n eu

Overall objective:

Contribute to building environmentally sustainable production and consumption practices that help reduce poverty amongst poor farmers and handicraft producers in India.

Specific objective

Create a consumer market for fair trade products in India that measurably contributes to the improvement of rural livelihoods and provides farmers and artisans with the resources necessary to follow environmentally sustainable production practices.

Major Activities

  • Raise awareness of fair trade products among consumers with special emphasis on young consumers through campus programs on Fair Trade & Sustainable Consumption
  • Convert corporate procurement to Fair Trade by promoting Fair Trade products among corporate houses/ developing corporate partnerships
  • Develop a dedicated retail channel for Fair Trade through creation of a commonly-branded network of FTF-I members’ shops
  • Gain access for SFC Fair Trade certified products in mainstream retail channels
  • Secure commitments/tap opportunities from government ministries and other agencies to promote fair trade.

Target Groups

  • SME members of FTF-I,
  • SFC,
  • 10 major branded product manufacturers;
  • 100 students at each of 75 colleges;
  • 90 corporate offices with gift programmes;
  • 350,000 Social Economic Class ‘A1’ (i.e., upper middle class) consumer households;
  • Ministries of Commerce, Textiles, Agriculture, and other agencies.

Final Beneficiaries

Poor farming and handicrafts producing families across India (an estimated 900,000 people).

Estimated Results

Consumer awareness and sales of fair trade products in four major Indian cities boosted, 2) Retail channels for fair trade products created and operational, 3) Government support ensured in terms of the promotion of fair trade at exhibitions, in promotional campaigns, and through retail collaboration.

Link to FAIR TRADE INDIA brand launch appeared in WFTO portal:

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Project Partners The Pro-Sustain project, is a project supported by the European Commission and is led by Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS), jointly implemented by Fair Trade Forum India (FTF-I), International Resources for Fairer Trade (IRFT), and the associate partner Shop For Change Fair Trade Fair Trade Forum – India: FTF-I is the Indian national network for Fair Trade. We are working in close coordination with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and act as the country office of WFTO-Asia. Currently, more than 100,000 Indian producers- farmers & artisans are associated with us through our member organisations. We are promoting the values of Fair

Trade amongst consumers and Fair Trade partner organisations towards extending dignified and sustainable income to the marginalised producers including artisans and farmers. We support the producers primarily through capacity building programs, market facilitation and Fair Trade adherence building activities. Our capacity building programs essentially cover quality improvement, design development and legislative & voluntary requirements of the potential markets. Website: Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries: Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries was set up in 1968 by the Dutch Humanist League, the Vereniging Weezenkas (United Orphans’ Fund) and Humanitas. It is a non-governmental organisation inspired by humanist values. Hivos has substantial international presence in the social labels, fair trade and organic certification, and is an active supporter of organisations such as FLO, IFAT, CSN and UTZ Kapeh. Hivos has been involved in strengthening the fair trade movement in India. To know more please visit International Resources for Fairer Trade: IRFT established under the Bombay Public Trust Act in the year 1995,is dedicated to alleviation of poverty through trade, by empowering small farmers , artisans, and NGOs to develop business capacity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. IRFT encourages and monitors ethical and socially responsible standards for international and national brands, and mainstream business enterprise Pioneers of the Fair Trade movement in India, IRFT works closely with partners to promote the concept of Fair Trade in India. By working with both ends of the supply chain, IRFT ensures a fair deal for all. To know more please visit