FAIR TRADE INDIA brand was launched by FTF-I  to reach the domestic market with Fair Trade products and for Fair Trade awareness and promotion in India. It is the commercial face of FTF-I under which the FTF-I member organisations are allowed to sell Fair Trade products to end customers, retail chains, corporate and institutions. In order to promote the brand and for its greater visibility & authenticity, FTF-I charges a ‘subscription right’ of Rs.3000.00 (Rupees three thousand only) per annum to its members as an ‘ Annual User Fee’ on the use of the FAIR TRADE INDIA brand logo.

Payment for the logo usage as per the requirement of your organisation and retail shop
  •  Organisational use of “FAIR TRADE INDIA” brand logo by FTF-I members only (Use in the Product exhibitions / Events /Displays )

     Rs. 3,000.00 per annum  

  • Use of the “FAIR TRADE INDIA” brand logo as “Fair Trade India Shop Brand” by FTF-I members only  (as commercial brand / Promotion of fair products & services) 

    Rs. 3,000.00 per shop per annum

The process for 'subscription right' of usage of  Fairtrade India logo:
  1.  Make the payment for the logo usage as per the requirement of your organisation and retail shop.
  2. Download the  ‘Documents related to FAIRTRADE INDIA logo usage’.
  3. Sign the FAIRTRADE INDIA logo usage MoU with FTF-I and send two copies of the signed MoU to our mailing address below:


Address: Flat No.206, 2nd Floor Plot No.62-A/1, Garhi ,Near East of Kailash A block,

New Delhi-110065

Telephone:  011- 65264630