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The Upasana Design Studio wishes to use fashion as a design for change. Through our work in the area of textiles, we touch the lives of farmers, weavers, dyers and countless families. India is one of the few countries in the world where textiles communicate cultural identity and its vibrancy. We use fashion to tie threads to larger issues of sustainability. Join Upasana in the journey of knowing India through textiles.

Upasana design studio designs the cloths using traditional Indian Textiles. Upasana is providing employment to rural women living on the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu through employment in Upasana. Upasana also ensures No Child Labour is involved in the production.

It fully complies with the Ten Fair Trade Principles. It is situated in at Auroshilpam, Tamil Nadu. Upasana is involved in many social development activities.

Textiles and Garments


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Address: Upasana Design Studio, Auroshilpam, Auroville, 605101, Tamilnadu 

Phone: +91 (0)413 2622939 (9a.m.-5p.m.)

E-Mail: office@upasana.in

Website: www.upasana.in

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