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The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) came in to existence on 06.08.1987 and got registered under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act 1984 (now the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002). It started functioning in 1988 under the Administrative control of the Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India, (presently the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India). The main objective of TRIFED is to serve the interests of its members in more than one State for the social and economic betterment of its members by conducting its affairs in professional, democratic and autonomous manner through self help and mutual cooperation for undertaking marketing development of the tribal products. After the new Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002 came into force; TRIFED amended its Bye-Laws w.e.f. 2.4.2003 and started functioning as a Service provider, Facilitator, Coordinator and a Market Developer for tribal products instead of its earlier activity of procurement and sale of Minor Forest Produce & Surplus Agricultural Produce. TRIFED has its Registered and Head Office located in New Delhi and has a net work of 13 Regional Offices located at various places in the country and a Central Warehouse at Delhi. TRIFED has been doing the retail marketing of tribal products under the brand name of TRIBES INDIA through 27 own showrooms 14 other showrooms on consignment basis. The magical mystique of tribal India finds expression at TRIBES INDIA – the exclusive shop of tribal artifacts espousing tribal cause.

It aims at accelerating economic development of tribal people through marketing of their products on sustainable basis and providing wider exposure to their art and craft in domestic as well as international markets. TRIBES INDIA showcases the most exquisite authentic tribal art and craft items crafted and sculpted by tribes from the entire length and breadth of the country. The products reflect the colorful and rich heritage of the tribal people of our country. All products are eco-friendly, made from naturally available raw materials and are reasonably priced. Each article sold in TRIBES INDIA is hand crafted and unique and has been sourced directly from a tribal craftsman or from a predominantly tribal group of artisans. Remunerative price is paid directly to the tribal or the group in order to ensure passing the benefit rightly. TRIBES INDIA has 31 retail outlets of its own and has consignment outlets at 11 places including Nathu La Pass, Leh.

Tribal Textiles & Embroidery, Metal Crafts, Tribal Jewellery, Cane & Bamboo products and Stone Pottery, Tribal Paintings, Gifts & Novelties, Organic & natural 


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