Member Information:

The Child Trust was found in 2005. The Child Trust works together with rural communities (where), having their attention on the wellbeing of the children of those communities. It started when the founder, Suman Srivastava visited a village to find out more about the situation of the rural, poor communities around Delhi and met a group of women who lost their children to slavery contractors. They were successful to free those kids and went on with the same mission freeing 18000 children due today. In addition, they organize the adults of the communities into producer groups, give training to them to build more capacity and improve their skills and assist them in marketing the products. Through providing jobs to their parents children can attend school. Moreover, The Child Trust set up three own schools to provide good education for the children of these communities where no schools are there.

Crafts (Jewellery and Home Accessoires), Handloom (Dupatas and scarfs)


Contact Information:

Address: 6/3, Top Floor, Jangpura B, New Delhi 110014, Delhi, India

Phone: 011 24373126

Person to be contacted: SumanĀ 

Mobile no: +91 9810333754

Email: thechildtrust@gmail