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Terra Indica strive to make furniture of impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it, but also to the craftsmen who build it. We began our journey in 2005 and over the years Terra Indica has evolved into one of the most revered names in the home furnishings industry in Eastern India.

When you choose Terra Indica, you choose our ability to customize whatever you desire. It is similar to commissioning an artist to create a fine work of art. We are innovative in our use of material and combine diverse materials and finishes to create majestic and timeless look. We use brass, stainless steel, leather, gold leaf, petrified wood, mother of pearl and others to manufacture customised furniture pieces. The beautiful combination all this makes Terra Indica a luxurious brand.

Terra Indica provides technical training for Carpentry, Curving, Painting & Polishing, Machine Operating, Tally (accounting software); Auto CAD (technical drawing software); office management; design techniques; site supervision skills and entrepreneurship. The Trust provides educational support to beneficiaries to attend school/college in local institutions, as well as their vocational training in Terra Indica. Some of the beneficiaries also receive external tuition in various subjects by different teachers. Terra Indica is also helping the students in competitive sports like Rugby; they send them for National & International tournament.

Terra Indica has been set for destitute adolescent and young adults to train, develop and create sustainable employability. Terra Indica provides educational support to beneficiaries to attend school/college in local institution, as well as their vocational training.

Given the background of the beneficiaries, some of whom spent their early years in a ‘home’ or on the railway station platform; we support them in acquiring a formal identification, such as gaining a  PAN card, Voter ID card, passport , Ration card, Aadhar card etc.  These documents are essential for the future employment of any Indian national.

It supports beneficiaries in opening bank accounts, recurring deposit, and learning the life skills of saving for their future and managing day to day expenses. Terra Indica helps in providing accommodation by offering initial financial support and pay rent on their behalf.

Furniture, Sculpture, Painting, Interiors


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Address: 21/1, Gora Chand Road-700014, Kolkata West Bengal

E-Mail: design@terraindica.com , showroom@terraindica.com

Website: www.terraindica.com

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