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TARA is dedicated to the development and empowerment of grassroot producers and marginalised sections of society. TARA strives for social equity, justice and environmental sustainability whilst promoting Fair Trade. TARA Projects has been working since the late sixties with economically disadvantaged artisans to create opportunities to improve their income and their children’s future. Tara has campaigned against exploitation, poverty, illiteracy, child and bonded labour. The project brought certain socio- economic changes in the lives of many artisans and other stakeholders associated with it. 

TARA was found by one of the co-founders of FTF-I, Professor Shyam S. Sharma, already before the idea of the Fair Trade network organization came up. The work started with loan provision and skill training for a few, small, marginalized communities around Delhi in the late sixties. That time Professor Sharma travelled from village to village to work closely together with those people. Today the connection to their artisans is still one of the highest priorities. Village producer groups as well as urban artisans, who work together in the production rooms of Tara, produce jewellery and house decoration items partly from recycled materials. Tara sells their products abroad and on the domestic markets as well as on e-commerce platforms like amazon and homefoster. Moreover, Tara provides skill development trainings and health insurances to their artisans. In addition, they are involved in different environment protection and health projects.

Woodwork & Worked Carved Crafts, Fashion Jewelry, Stone Crafts, Glassware
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Address: 260, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase III, New Delhi 110 020, New Delhi, India

Phone: 91 11 26839721

Person to be contacted: Moon Sharma

Mobile no: +91 9818279884

Email: tara@taraprojects.com

Website: www.taraprojects.com

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