Member Information:

SIPA is the collective initiative of needy and interested artisan groups and their support organizations – Voluntary organizations (NGOs), Producer Co-operatives and self-help group (SHG) networks in South-India involved in trade towards sustainable livelihood of artisans, since 1986. SIPA works with over 7000 skilled artisans with a large number of Women artisan groups, spread over in all the southern states. Actively involved in product-development, market promotion and consortium exports. SIPA also specializes in training / support in capacity-building, skill-enhancement and marketing and management aspects – both for the artisan members and their support team in their organizations and actively promotes networking, for “Learning by Sharing”.

SIPA practices fair-trade and as part of social commitment to our stakeholders, promote globally accepted fair-trade standards, both at production and in marketing the product-range; thus striving for consumers’ satisfaction plus and linking that with our artisans’ collective initiatives (supporting their efforts) towards sustainable livelihood, social-change and development. SIPA is actively involved in networking and lobbying for the change-process with participation and ‘action for change’ by the stakeholders.

Basketry, decorative candles, ceramic crockery, lamp shades, incense/natural oils, Kalamkari textiles, lacquerware, wooden crafts, stationery, bamboo mats


Contact Information:

Address: 21, Anna Street, Sathya Nagar Extension, Anakaputhur, Chennai – 600 070, Tamilnadu

Phone: 044-22486791

Person to be contacted: Dr. K. Panchaksharam

Mobile: +91 (0)9381055622