Member Information:

The Producer Organisation SILENCE majorly works with physically challenged artisans and staff members. The Organisation believes that the differently-able should be treated with respect and not with sympathy; given a proper foundation each one can lead a decent life with dignity and respect. Most of them are hearing impaired, some are blind, others are mentally challenged. They are from all economic levels of society, but mostly of lower educational level and therefore economically backward.

Due to their economic situation, Silence helps them with vocational trainings and facilitation of markets. Silence buys Raw Material from Open Market, Unorganised sectors, Self-help groups. They export their own products to Fair Trade buyers and sell them in their shop in Kolkata. SILENCE gives training on Art & Craft, Commercial Art, Computer Data Entry, Computer Hardware Maintenance etc. in collaboration with Jadavpur University and Govt. of West Bengal. Most of the students get employment after attaining the courses. Some continue working with Silence itself, while others have opened their own production units.

SILENCE has participated in numerous social activities to change the view that society has towards disabled people. SILENCE sincerely believes that each person should have the right to earn a fair wage and one shouldn’t be deprived of this right. Additionally, SILENCE disapproves of middlemen and it tries to eliminate them in the supply-chain model. This ensures that the legitimate producer receives a fair deal. SILENCE believes in self reliance – both for its members and the organization.


Different Handicrafts: e.g. Candles, Insence, Bags, Greeting Cards, Jewelry


Contact Information:

Address: 2/1 A Monoharpukur 2 nd lane, Kolkata West Bengal

Tel: +91-33-24420876

Person to be contacted: Samir Roy

Mobile: +91 9831107587