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SASHA (Sasha Association for Craft Producers) is a not-for-profit business development & marketing organization working with marginalized artisans and small producers in India. Set up in 1978, as Sarba Shanti Ayog, under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, Sasha’s work spans more than three and a half decades. It is a pioneering Fair Trade organisation in India. As the founding members of both Fair trade Forum-India and World Fair Trade Organisation Asia, it is a leading member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Sasha & producers work collectively as partners. Apart from strengthening each other in their respective core competency areas of marketing and producing, product and skill development constitutes an important aspect of Sasha’s activities. Sasha acts as a enabler for producer groups to constantly innovate and adapt their products to contemporary demands. Groups are enabled to internalize the rigorous discipline necessary for export trade in terms of product, social and environmental standards. A large proportion of workers in the producer groups comprises of women representatives holding decisive positions.

While Sasha addresses the business needs of the producers and manages the expanding supply base of over 70 producer groups, engaged in 16 craft lines, its development organization Sarba Shanti Ayog focuses on capacity building, technical assistance and social developmental needs of the producer groups/ units. It has a considerable representation from Producer members in its managing committee. Sasha primarily exports to its Fair Trade Partners and ethical buyers around the globe – in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. It offers product ranges that seamlessly integrate modern designs and styles with traditional skills and cultural heritage. It has also initiated South-south trade with Fair Trade organizations in countries in Africa and Asia. Sasha is committed to build a Fair Trade market in the growing domestic market in India – especially in the urban markets. Its retail outlet in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal is a destination store for discerning customers, who care for creativity, culture, authenticity and respect the “handmade” tag. It is regularly visited by travelers from abroad. Sasha organizes and facilitates producer participation regularly at exhibitions in the country and events at the shop showcase their latest products.


Natural products,spices, furniture, textiles



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Address: Sasha Association for Craft Producers1C Chatu Babu Lane, Kolkata 700014

Phone: +91-33-2265 9761/2249 4397

Person to be contacted: Sujata Goswami

TeleFax: +91-33-2265-9776



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