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Over the past 30 years, Pushpanjali Fair Trade has has been dedicated to improving living conditions of local craft producers in and around Agra. Pushpanjali Fair Trade’s commitment is to contribute to craft producers’ empowerment, by providing them with sustainable work, fair wages and profit sharing, and also by providing credit and advances, ensuring equal wages to women producers, fostering training, education and healthcare. Promoting the cultural wealth and identity and recognizing local producers craft mastery. 

Over years, the number of producers working for Pushpanjali has increased. Together with the financial support coming from the Fair Trade practices, Pushpanjali Fair Trade started to focus on the other impacts. Improving working conditions, creating new job opportunities, supporting women’s financial autonomy, financing social projects such as a health camp center and children education programs – all of these are part of Pushpanjali conception of Fair Trade practices.

Crafts and Textiles


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Address: 35, Hanuman Nagar Shahganj, Agra – 282 010 India

Phone: +91-562-2511930

Person to be contacted: S.C. Mittal

Mobile: +91-9897098809

Fax: +91-562-2511930

Email: pft@pushpanjali.in

Website: www.pushpanjali.in

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