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Pushpanjali was founded in 1982 by S.C. Mittal. Soon after the formation, together with Oxfam, Pushpanjali started to discuss and exchange on the concept of Fair Trade .

Although it started with 5 producers only, from the very beginning the idea was to provide sustainable livelihood to marginalized and disadvantaged people, to create a decent life for them. Pushpanjali’s commitment is to contribute to craft producers empowerment, by providing them with sustainable work, fair wages and profit sharing, and also by providing credit and advances, ensuring equal wages to women producers, fostering training, education and healthcare.

Another core acticity of Punshpanjali is the promotion of the cultural identity and recognizing of producer’s craft mastery, as a key enabler for producer’s empowerment. Pushpanjali’s mission is to increase the livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged people, by walking the fair trade talk of greater justice in the world trade.


Soapstone, Embroidery & Fashion Access, Wooden Craft, Iron Craft, Glass Craft, Scarves, Handloom


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Address: 35, Hanuman Nagar Shahganj, Agra – 282 010 India

Phone No: +91-562-2511930

Person to be contacted: Anurag Mittal

Mobile No: +91-8650821282

Fax No : +91-562-2511930
Email: pft@pushpanjali.in

Website: www.pushpanjali.in