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Pardada Pardadi is a non-profit organization that is setting up a model for rural development throught education, employment and empowerment of girls and women. We are facilitating the creation of a socially and economically empowered rural society in the area of Anupshahar (Bulandshahar District, Uttar Pradesh) in India. Since 2000, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) has been improving the lives of females in rural India.

Its mission is to empower community women from the poorest sections of society. To do this, we provide free education for girls and job opportunities for women, thereby creating a new generation of self-reliant and educated females who will break the cycle of poverty in the region. PPES is based in the tehsil (territorial division within a district) of Anupshahar, which is in the Bulandshahar district of the state Uttar Pradesh, India. Bulandshahar is infamous for its poverty, crime, and child marriages. Moreover, it is one of the least educated and literate sections of India. From the Village to the World is an online boutique offering beautiful Indian home decorations and gifts.

Our products are made by students at Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, Inc (PPES). PPES is at the forefront of improving the lives of girls from the poorest section of India’s society. PPES provides value based education and vocational skills to the girls. Following the ideals of women’s empowerment, PPES believes that once girls are educated, they will impart their knowledge to their family as an enlightened mother. The family in turn affects the quality of life of the community, the state and ultimately the nation. PPES students, as part of their vocational training, make beautiful hand embroidered Indian home decorations such as cushion covers, table cloths, place mats, napkins, serving trays, duvet covers along with gift items such as wine bottle covers, gift bags, calendars and much more!

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