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MESH is an Indian organisation practicing Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation. MESH buys different kinds of woven and crafted products from small scale producer groups consistent of artisans affected by leprosy or other disabilities. They want to achieve social and economic integration for their artisans by giving them opportunities to create their own economic stability and their rehabilitation.

Moreover, MESH builds their artisans capacity, through design, production management and waste management trainings. Social welfare and education support is provided to the artisans and their children through funds from international donors. The producer groups are located in 11 Indian states.

Most products are exported to the foreign Fair Trade market. In addition, MESH sells products in their own retail shop in Delhi and in several Melas, but also functions as a wholesaler to domestic clients. They also offer their products online on snap deal or amazon.

Handloom, Handicrafts- Scarves & Stoles, Bags, Bed Range, Jewellery, Kitchen Range, Gift Items, Paper products, Festivals, Eco-products,Toys etc


Contact Information:

Address: No. 5, Local Shopping Centre, Uday Park, New Delhi 110 049, Delhi, India

Tel: +91 11-26568048/26965039

Person to be contacted: Mathew Kuriakose Kallumpurath

Mobile no: +91 8130183003



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