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Kara is a creative venture with a social cause, born out of the felt need to give the Kerala handloom industry a much-needed impetus. We are a small team that works with independent teams of weavers across the state and sets of rural tailors to create handmade home furnishings of the highest quality. Started in the summer of 2008, Kara Weaves stands for everything we love about handmade products and the people who make them. Since February 2013, it is certified member of the Fair Trade Forum of India, the country network of the WFTO and WFTO-Asia.

They have exclusively designed and hand woven table linens and bath items use a finely woven cotton towel material called thorthu, traditionally used as an ayurvedic body-wipe fabric. This first-of-its-kind attempt in Kerala hopes to bridge the gap between this traditional weaving art form and a contemporary lifestyle.

Being a Fair Trade certified organization; they work only with certified government weaving and tailoring co-operatives in Kerala who work under subsidies and social security schemes from the government. They take care to ensure that no child labor is involved in any of our fabrication. Products are hand-stitched by certified co-operatives and independent local tailors in Kerala, India.


Handloom products like table ware, bath robes, towels etc


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Address: Kara Ventures 13/256 A,Kanjiramattom PO Ernakulam District Kerala 682315, India

Phone: +91 4842745001

Person to be contacted: Indu Menon

Mob: +91 9995327661

Email: info@karaweaves.com

Website: www.karaweaves.com

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