Member Information:

IRFT – International Resources for Fairer Trade was established under the Bombay Public Trust Act in the year 1995. IRFT has been working at the intersection of business and development for almost 20 years, giving farmers and artisans’ access to mainstream markets while encouraging large businesses to incorporate social responsibility and transparency into their core values. By working with both ends of the supply chain, IRFT ensures a fair deal for all involved in the process.

In an attempt to understand the lasting power of participating in the market economy, IRFT works closely with farmers and artisans to equip them with the skills to sell their products and empower them to seek a sustainable livelihood. IRFT also conducts transparent ethical audits with the corporate, provides standards training, and encourages corporate social responsibility to companies so that they could give producers a fair deal as well.  

Services in terms of market facilitation, not selling products themselves


Contact Information:

Address: 112/113,Udyog Bhavan,Sonawala Lane, Goregaon – East, Mumbai – 400 063, Maharastra

Phone: +91-22-2686 0040/50

Person to be contacted: Gaynor Pais

Mobile: +91 (0)9833220092