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Gramshree Trust was established in 1995 to empower underpriviledged women through self-reliant activities. They are supporting women handicraft artisans in Gujarat. Gramshree works to empower the women artisan groups economically in order to make them promoters of change in their own communities through earning an extra income and taking over respectable activities increasing the livelihood of their families.

Gramshree Trust provides design inputs, fair wages, as well as a marketing platform to the women artisans and puts strong emphasize to the education of the consumer market about traditional crafts in order to promote the traditional occupation of the artisans and make them able to secure their livelihood with fulfilling this occupation in perfection. Moreover they run various programs for their education, health, leadership development & personal financial management. 

Women do embroidery work, appliqué work; patch work on organic cotton fabrics and khadi. They are also involved in weaving, quilting, lacquering, block printing, wood work & mud work.

Apparel, Home Furnishing, Accessories, Corporate Gifts, Kachchhi Crafts/products


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Address:10,New Vidhya Vihar Ramji Mandir Road, Ranip, Ahemdabad-382480
Phone: +91 792752248

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