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In 1977 EMA was set up under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 with seven cooperatives, 234 craftsmen and 9 individual social activists in the state of West Bengal as a small scale Industry. ‘We aren’t sure about how much potential or good is there in the saying what Bengal thinks today India will think tomorrow; but one thing we know for sure that the people who contributed and joined hands together for the formation of Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) in those days surely were the visionary leaders of tomorrow.’

Today EMA thrives in vibrancy with the 42 corporate members, 6 founder members, 71 staff members and 96 independent artisans. The journey to the corporate ladder is still ahead and EMA is implementing value addition alongside reaching the new destinations both in the domestic as well as the international markets. EMA now embarks on international presence in countries like Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is that EMA is constantly reinventing products. The organisation is becoming more socially responsive through and with the development of the marginal and the underprivileged people spread across India with a special emphasis on West Bengal. EMA has the ability to deliver environment friendly products thereby fulfilling the obligation of a true global as well as corporate citizen.

Leather Goods, Silk products, Musical Instruments, Candles, Horn Items, Wooden Products, Terracotta Articles, Soap Stone Products, Papier-mâché Products, Palm and coconut wood products, Christmas Hangings, Brushes, Ceramics


Contact Information:

Address: 82, Baburam Ghosh Road, Kolkata 700040,West Bengal

Development Centre: Equitable Marketing Association,
Village Uttarbhag, P.O. South Ramnagar
Baruipur, District 24-Parganas (South) PIN 743387
West Bengal, India.

Phone:  +91 (0)9433043515

Person to be contacted: Swapna Das

Mobile: +91 (0)9830157873

Email: emaswapna@emaindia.org.in

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