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The Tasar project was started as a livelihood promotion project by PRADAN, an NGO of national stature in India. Subsequently it has created many institutions to make the activity sustainable. The project is located in Jharkhand, one of the poorest states of India. The all natural wild silk items are made by a collaborative venture of tribal silkworm rearer, poor rural women yarn makers and handloom weavers in the hinterlands of India.

Each item’s creation is a source of livelihood and hope for a better future for thousands of women and tribal who otherwise have no wage opportunity in their remote villages and are often forced to migrate to cities in search of a living as many of them are marginal farmers and income from agriculture is not sufficient to last the whole year.

The yarn made by the women is used to weave exquisite stoles and scarves, throws, sarees and fabric. The principles of FAIRTRADE are adhered to in the manufacturing process. No child labour is involved and utmost care is taken to make a green product. Natural vegetable dyes and/or Azo-free dyes are used in the manufacture of these silks which are then being sold worldwide through both regular and Fair trade channels. Eco Tasar also has an AHIMSA or nonviolent silk range made from verifiable manufacturing processes.

Silk stoles and scarves, throws, sarees and fabric


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