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The Craft Resource Center (CRC Export Private Ltd.) was founded in 1990 by Inrani Sen and the late Manoranjan Walia for the specific purpose of promoting self-determination amidst India’s artisan community through comprehensive capacity building, leading to sustainability of their craft as a dignified, adequate and creative source of livelihood.

CRC seeks to bridge the gap between trading organisations across the world and producers in India. But the foundation of this bridge lies deeper; it goes beyond crafts and their production process, it is based on what inspires drives and sustains CRC: Its belief in people. CRC provides marketing, design, finance and exporting assistance to a large number of artisan groups across India. CRC also provides raw materials, production coordination between groups and additional training. Due to CRC’s coordination of craft production between different artisan groups, artisans have a high level of connectedness and cooperation. Artisan groups have been able to work together in partnership in times of need.

Home Furnishings, Home Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Textiles, Leather


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Address: 34, Ballyganj Circular Road, Kolkata –700019, West Bengal
Tel: +91-33-2474 5789,2476 0504

Person to be contacted: Irani Sen, Dolan Chatterjee

Mobile: +91 9830057453  +91 9874731939
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