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BHOPAL REHABILITATION (BR) was established in 1985 with the aim of assisting and rehabilitating the victims of this tragedy, especially those who had lost their family members.

The basic objectives of BR were to help families in economic rehabilitation by providing them – Skills in production techniques; Opportunities of self employment; Help in marketing to ensure a steady flow of demand and supply. BR has developed a strong team for designing and training in leather crafts as well as in non-leather items. It provides regular training to women and men on production of leather, canvas, jute and silk items.

The training programme is for a period of three months. An advanced training course of twelve months is also conducted; Till date over 360 men and women have received this training; Economic benefits on an ongoing bases are provided to beneficiaries who participate in designing and production activities; Carried out a programme to provide training to mentally retarded children and slow learners.

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Address: 11,Risaldar Colony, Chhola Bhopal-462018 (M.P.)-INDIA Phone/Fax: 091-755-737243


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