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Assisi’s inception in the industry dates back to 1994 as a non-profit rehabilitation program established in Tirupur by the Franciscan Sisters. Employing a workforce of 300 including underprivileged women and 120 physically challenged people, the endeavor was the first-of-its-kind in India. Those humble beginnings have since then paved the way for us to be a garment manufacturer of repute.

Today, our garments made from Organic and Fairtrade cotton, are favoured by a global discerning clientele across Europe, Japan, Australia and the US. nitially the factory was run exclusively for the deaf and dumb, and then gradually progressed to export organic products to ELPUNTE, an German importer. Among the first companies in the world to endorse Organic Cotton and Fairtrade, we started contract farming in Maharashtra by giving advance to the farmers. Though hesitant at first due to less yielding, the farmers co-operated and in due course, the production of Organic cotton increased across India. Assisi has been recognized as one of the first companies in India to use organic cotton garment manufacturing.

Deeply committed to the environment we operate in, we believe that endorsing organic products is the first step in this direction. Conventional cotton cultivation necessitates the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These not only have an adverse affect on the soil but also cause damage to human health. Which is why, we exclusively manufacture and export only organic and Fairtrade garments across the world.

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