Member Information:

Asha Handicrafts is an association of concerned professional men and women committed to upliftment of small communities of artisans occupied in traditional centres of Indian crafts.

Founded in 1975 for the past 41 years Asha has served three generations of Indian artisans. Some of the producers are third generation of artisans working with Asha. Most producers are working for the Organisation for more than 20 years.

‘Over the years we have seen a great impact on the lives of artisans, their families and communities. Their families have survived due to sustained support and market access provided by Asha Handicrafts, their children have continued their schooling and a great number have completed their graduation and taken up professions. Few have joined their father’s business and work with Asha.’

Asha provides business counselling and financial support to producers to enable them to reduce their lead times, improve quality control, increase production capacity. Under welfare projects they also provide health services and improve living conditions of the needy artisans.

Handicrafts and Handlooms


Contact Information:

Address: Akansha Building no 5 Patel Industrial Estate Near Range Office Gokhiware Vasai East. 401 208

Phone: +91 250 6903344

Person to be contacted: Immanuel Bundellu General Manager – Fair Trade

Mobile: +91 09969104301