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Art Illuminates Mankind(AIM) is a society registered under West Bengal Registration Act XXVI of 1961, established in 2003. A grass root level social enterprise, and an welfare organization envisioning holistic encouragement of artisan’s creative capacity. It has artisan members from various parts of the country. AIM believes that each artisan , each art form and tradition has a vitality worth celebrating . AIM looks forward to everyone’s involvement in keeping the big tree of Indian culture flourishing.

AIM is extensively working for those rural art & artisans. The AIM initiative is envisioned to give them access and control over a significant financial resource. The AIM endeavor is not just about creating and selling handcrafted products. The foundation of the programme is AIM’s commitment to empower rural and tribal women, both economically and socially, and enhancing their self esteem. Each year AIM reaches out to more and more women artisans and through them also to their families and communities. It aims at providing employment to more and more women SHGs and train them into artisans, and hence every year it adds on to members through induction programmes.

The main objective of AIM –A welfare organization for artisans has been to create a sustainable and independent world for its artisan members. The organization is committed to providing its artisan members with continuous work and a regular source of income for the betterment of their families and themselves. The artisans are encouraged towards both economic and social development, thus, enhancing their confidence and self esteem. With AIM’s support these artisan members have earned a significant financial and social independence and a status within their family and society.

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Address: 234, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata-700 004, India

Phone: +91-33-2555 0213 

Person to be contacted: Shreyoshi Goswami

Mobile: +91 9830378944

Fax: 033 2555 0287



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