Member Information:

Aparajita Trust is a non-profit, registered society formed in the year 1970. It advocates people-centered policies for dynamic health planning and programme management in India.

Kala Aparajita an offshoot of project Aparajita is a livelihood support programme for artisans from different regions of India. Chief objective of the trust is to strengthen the self –help initiatives of low-income artisan groups by promoting India’s rich, traditional and exclusive art and craft forms.

It is mainly working with the artisans groups of men and women in Orissa, Gujarat, J& K, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Northern Eastern state of India. It is also directly involving the artisans by way of providing work in handloom products like embroidery, terracotta, coir, brass leather and other handmade products. 

Embroidery, Terracotta, Coir, Brass leather and other handmade products


Contact Information:

Address: B-40, Qutab Institutional Area, South of I.I.T. Delhi, New Delhi – 110 016

Phone: 011-26518071-72, 011-47004300

Fax: 011-26853708

E-mail: vhai@vsnl.com, ceo@vhai.org

Website: www.kala-aparajita.org