Amar Kutir Society For Rural Development

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Amar Kutir was founded by Susen Mukhopadhya in the early 1926, which was closed down by British Government for political activities in 1932. During this period, Amar Kutir was raided by the British rulers and Mukherjee was put behind bars till 1937, the activities of Amar Kutir came to a halt. During his years in prison Mukherjee met several revolutionary leaders, notably Moni Ganguly and Panna Lal Dasgupta. From 1938 when the British government relaxed its rules and started releasing many of the revolutionaries from prison, they started living and working in Amar Kutir. They were instrumental in organizing night classes and spreading political ideas amongst the rural masses. When the Second World War broke out in 1939, many of the revolutionaries left Amar Kutir and were directly involved in organizing peasant movement in the villages. Many of them were active during the Quit India movement in 1942.

Amar Kutir is a cooperative unit that produces leather goods, kantha stitched saris, bamboo crafts ,dokra products, hand-loom products and batik at a reasonable price.Its leather-craft unit employs mostly women. It has one batik unit and a hand-loom unit also.

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Address: Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development

Ballavpur; Sriniketan; Bolpur

West Bengal, India, PIN- 731236

Phone: +91 9734368050, +91 9434142541, +91 9434220905


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