Flourishing is never a solo endeavor, and here it was not just about us but for the greater good.   We have been moving past each milestone with patience and persistent efforts and so it was time that we let our flagships display their work. Fair Utsav Saket was the main attraction of the World Fair Trade Week.

The  Fair  Utsav  Saket  –  exhibition  of  Indian  crafts  and weaves started on 8th  November, 2017 and was wrapped up by 13th  November, 2017. It   was inaugurated by the WFTO board members along with the FTF-I board members. I AM (Indian Artisan  Movement)  was  launched  at  this  platform  by  the  Board  of  FTF-I  at  this    grand ceremony.  The  I  Am  campaign  was  launched  with  the  motive  to  strengthen  the advocacy for  basic rights  of  Artisans and Fair wages for Artisans.Read More