Fair Trade Forum - India

Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) is the National Network for Fair Trade in India. It works with more than 200,000 producers – artisans and farmers – through more than 100 member organisations. FTF-I is a not-for-profit organisation, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

WFTO LogoIt is a member of the World Fair Trade OrganizationWFTO, which is the global face of Fair Trade. FTF-I works to ensure a dignified income and overall development of artisans, farmers and workers in the unorganized sector.

FTF-I promotes environment friendly practices...

FTF-I promotes environment friendly practices,processes and products, at both the production and consumption levels. It also works actively to improve market conditions, to build capacity, and in Fair Trade assessment and development of supply chains. Promotion of Fair Trade in India includes particular emphasis on young consumers and the corporate sector.

FTF-I contributes to poverty alleviation and sustainable development...

FTF-I contributes to poverty alleviation and sustainable development by building a broader, multi-stakeholder movement for Fair Trade, one that encompasses producers, workers, consumers, people for a range of backgrounds, institutions, organisations, government and the Fair Trade community.

In India, Fair Trade movement is getting momentum...

In India, Fair Trade movement is getting momentum at consumer level, as a tool to realise sustainable consumption, which helps consumers to give due consideration to the development needs of the marginalised, while taking purchasing decisions. For marginalised producers– artisans & farmers, it is an opportunity to earn dignified income and attain overall development.


FTF-I envisions to facilitate empowerment and sustainability of the grassroots artisans and crafts persons through fairness and transparency in trade, alleviating poverty, ignorance and unemployment in India and ushering in human development and social change by advocating and promoting Fair Trade with global accountability.


The mission of Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) is to promote and strengthen Fair Trade concepts and practices among all stakeholders including producers, intermediary organisations and consumers globally in designing, production, marketing & development with missionary zeal through commercially viable and fairly traded products, goods and services by providing & creating dignified opportunities for artisans and craft persons.


  • To bring together organisations and individuals involved in people-centred economic empowerment/development initiatives, production and marketing activities on Fair Trade principles to serve common and collective economic and social interests of marginalised grassroots.
  • To facilitate and promote sharing and learning, towards strengthening entrepreneurial capabilities with self confidence and professional competency among different categories of stake-holders, focussing on sustainable livelihoods.
  • To initiate, expand, support and strengthen Fair Trade and marketing network across the country and to sponsor, establish and support effective ways of marketing, organising exhibitions, fairs and thus promote market access so as to facilitate fair income and dignity to the artisans and the members of self-help groups.
  • To take up, promote, cooperate and strengthen prospects of trading fairly through networking, lobbying, advocacy, campaign and establishing linkages with local and national networks and governments for sustainable, social and economic empowerment, linking social justice, dignity, human rights, child rights, protection for environment etc.
  • To facilitate empowerment of skill and knowledge in the areas of design/product development, quality standards, value-addition, appropriate technology, sound management practices with ethical, values, social accountability and safe working environment for the producers.
  •  To establish, organise, facilitate and empower Indian Regional Chapters in East, West, North, South and North East to reach the unreached in the remotest parts of the country with the message of Fair Trade.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with Non-Governmental and Governmental agencies, Financial Institutions and Donor Agencies at different levels and administer activities, research programs and pilot projects for the cause of strengthening Fair Trade and to the benefit of member organisations and stake-holders, particularly the marginalised groups of producers/artisans.